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April 19, 2015

TODAY’S HOLY MASSES are offered for these intentions:
9:00 AM For Jeanette Bossert
11:15 AM For Gail Janusonis (req. by Sigita Tomkus)

9:00 AM For Deceased Members of the Legion of Mary + (req. by Our Lady, The Immaculate Conception Praesidium)
11:15 AM For Earl Higgs + (req. by Leonard & Bonnie De Fazio)

TO REQUEST AND SCHEDULE INTENTIONS for both of our Masses, please call 585-484-1810 or email to [email protected]. Leave a message which includes; name of person(s) for whom Mass will be offered; is person living or deceased?; preferred date and time of Mass (9 or 11:15 AM?); and phone number to reach you. The stipend check should be made payable to SAINT KATERI PARISH.

April 12, 2015

 9:00 Attendance: 195 Offerings: $ 2,249.00
11:15 Attendance: 198 Offerings: $ 1,992.00
TOTAL             393            $ 4,241.00

THANK YOU for your generous Mercy Sunday offerings. We must join our monetary sacrifices to the sacrifices of our prayers for our Community to flourish in grace and mercy.

HOW TO CONTRIBUTE Since our new Community here at St. Thomas’ is not a legal entity, we need to have our finances run through the books of St. Kateri Parish. Therefore, checks should be made payable to “St. Kateri Tekakwitha-Latin Mass Community” OR for short, “SKT-LMC”. Contributions can be placed in the blue envelopes OR loose in the collection baskets. Contributions deposited in envelopes from neighboring parishes will be returned to those home parishes and will not be credited to SKT-LMC. SKT-LMC envelopes deposited in neighboring parish collections will be returned and credited to us.

TO REGISTER with our Community, use the census forms found at the entrance door tables. Fill out the form and on the top write in clear letters: “LMC”. Place form in the collection basket. Welcome!

If anyone is interested in volunteering, please email [email protected] or call 467-8747.  Some of the opportunities include church cleaning, parish center cleaning, outdoor spring clean up (when the weather breaks), and program/bulletin stapling and folding.  If we get enough volunteers for church cleaning, we hope to rotate teams.

CASE TRAINING The Diocese of Rochester requires volunteers who work with children, youth or vulnerable adults to participate in Creating a Safe Environment (CASE) training.  As our community grows, our volunteers will need this training.  If you need to be trained or have any questions, call SKT-LMC at 484-1810 or email [email protected] .  For more information, visit the diocesan website at and click on Safe Environment.

OFFICE FURNITURE – We are currently setting up some office space at the Parish Center and are in need of donated furniture. Our most immediate need is for office desks and office chairs. Other accoutrements would be appreciated as well. (rugs, lamps, etc). Call 484-1810 or email [email protected].

WEBSITE DESIGN – We are looking for someone to volunteer their time and expertise to help our community create an informative and inspiring website. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please email Ben Anderson at [email protected].

REGARDING SATURDAY EVENING CONFESSIONS: Please note that Father Peter Helfrich is no longer available. He will, however, continue to be available on Sunday mornings from 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM and after the 11:15 Mass. We are grateful for his assistance.

ROCHESTER CATHOLIC MEN’S CONFERENCE—You are invited! Saturday, May 16, St. John Fisher College, from 8 AM to 5 PM. $50 per person. Registration available online or by mail. For registration form and details:

WE HAVE HAD A SERIES of splendid Masses recently: Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, Mercy Sunday, thanks to the efforts of our schola, choir and servers. But not all our celebrations of the sacred mysteries need be so elaborate or so long! Now we will have some “simple” celebrations; “Cantor Masses” at 9 and “Low Masses” at 11:15. The next “Choir Mass” at 9 will be on May 10 (Mother’s Day), the same day as the next “Missa Cantata” at 11:15. After that, a Choir Mass will be sung at 9 on May 24 (Pentecost Sunday) and at 11:15 a High Mass. Cantor or Choir, Low or High, THE MASS is at the heart of our Catholic Faith. As the old saying goes, “It is the Mass that matters.”

NEXT SUNDAY, April 26, after both our Masses, rehearsals for First Communion Sunday (May 3) will take place in the church. Four children of God will be receiving First Holy Communion at the 9 o’clock Mass, and four at the 11:15 o’clock Mass two weeks from today, on the first Sunday of the beautiful month of May (Our Lady’s month).

after both Masses in the Parish Center. Will you join us?