Sound of Silence – Decorum Guidelines Following Mass

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In an excerpt from EWTN on silence in and around the Holy Mass.  You may read the entire article on the ETWN website but please take special note of the following:

“…Silence should also be observed after Mass until one is outside the Church building, both for respect toward the Blessed Sacrament, and toward those members of the faithful who wish to prolong their thanksgiving after Mass.”

“After Mass, the most charitable approach is to quietly leave the main body of the Church so as to facilitate the recollection of those who wish to extend their personal thanksgiving for Communion. This quiet is similar to the situation before Mass as it does not exclude a friendly greeting. But actual conversation should not begin until outside. “

The SKT-LMC asks that you please be respectful of those still wishing to “prolong their thanksgiving after Mass” and to please continue¬†your conversations outside of the main body of the church.