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Curated from Msgr Charles Pope’s article found here:

These guidelines are in line with the current guidelines found in the notices at each Mass.

When in church, please turn OFF all cell phones, hand-held electronic devices, pagers, watch alarms or any other gadget that makes a wrong-ful (not-joyful) noise in the House of God.

  1. Men should wear formal shoes to Church. We used to call these hard shoes (because they were) but today many formal shoes are actually quite comfortable.
  2. Men should wear trousers (not jeans).
  3. Men should never wear shorts to Church.
  4. Men should wear a decent shirt, preferably a button down shirt. If it is a pullover shirt it should include a collar. Wearing a plain t-shirt without a collar is too informal.
  5. Men should consider wearing a tie to Church and in cooler weather, a suit coat. Some may consider this a bit too stuffy and formal but who knows, you might be a trend setter!
  1. Women should wear decent shoes to Church. Flip flops, beach sandals etc. seem inappropriate.
  2. Women, if they wear pants, should never wear jeans to Church. Some nice slacks that are not too tight can be fine.
  3. Women should consider wearing a dress or at least a skirt in preference to pants. It just looks a bit more formal than pants. Shorts should never be worn.
  4. Women should wear a nice blouse (if they are not wearing a full dress). The blouse or shirt they wear should not be too tight.
  5. Sleeveless garments are pushing it a bit but can be acceptable. Women should never wear tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or bare midriffs to Church.