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June 14, 2015

TODAY’S HOLY MASSES are offered for these intentions:
9:00AM For Michael Hennessy + (req. by Terry and Bob Gray)
11:15 AM For Gregory Basile and Christina Pecora + (req. by Basile Family)

9:00 AM For Dick and Roseanne Lawrence’s Wedding Anniversary
11:15 AM For Leonard Butera, Father + (req. by children)

TO REQUEST AND SCHEDULE INTENTIONS for both of our Masses, please call 585-484-1810 or email to [email protected]. Leave a message which includes; name of person(s) for whom Mass will be offered; is person living or deceased?; preferred date and time of Mass (9 or 11:15 AM?); and phone number to reach you. The stipend check should be made payable to SAINT KATERI PARISH.

CORPUS CHRISTI (on SUNDAY, June 7, 2015)
           9:00 AM       Attendance: 177      Offerings: $ 1,993.75
11:15 AM         Attendance: 164      Offerings: $ 1,512.00
          TOTAL                       341                         $ 3,505.75

THANK YOU for your generous offerings. We must join our monetary sacrifices to the sacrifices of our prayers for our Community to flourish in faith, hope, and charity. God bless you!

SECOND COLLECTION TODAY for the Catholic Communications Campaign. Thank you for participating. Checks should be addressed to ST. KATERI PARISH.

HOW TO CONTRIBUTE Since our Community here at St. Thomas’ is not a legal entity, we need to have our finances run through the books of St. Kateri Parish. Therefore, checks should be made payable to “St. Kateri Tekakwitha-Latin Mass Community” OR for short, “SKT-LMC”. Contributions can be placed in the blue envelopes OR loose in the collection baskets. Contributions deposited in envelopes from neighboring parishes will be returned to those home parishes and will not be credited to SKT-LMC. SKT-LMC envelopes deposited in neighboring parish collections will be returned and credited to us.

IF YOU HAVE FOUND A SPIRITUAL HOME in our Latin Mass Community here at St. Thomas’, please consider registering with us. Use the census forms found at the entrance door tables. On the top write in clear letters “LMC”. Place form in the collection basket. Welcome!

WE DO NEED VOLUNTEERS to help maintain our facilities, especially in the area of church and parish center cleaning. We need YOU! Please email [email protected] or call 467-8747. Enough volunteers will enable us to have rotating teams.

OUR MOST REVEREND BISHOP, SALVATORE MATANO, will be visiting us here on Sunday July 19. As a way of welcoming him ahead of time, why not drop him a line expressing your pleasure that he will be visiting? Sincere and brief notes can be addressed to him at: 1150 Buffalo Road Rochester, NY 14624.

THE EUCHARISTIC ADORATION CHAPEL, adjacent to the Parish Center must continue to be a very important powerhouse of prayer for us and for people in our area. Hours of adoration are on Mondays through Fridays from 9 AM to 10 PM (11 PM on Tuesday and Friday). WE NEED MORE ADORERS TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERY HOUR IS COVERED. Please consider signing up for an hour or being on the substitute list. Contact Marie O’Leary at 467-1982.

FAITH FORMATION for our young people (a.k.a. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, C.C.D. or CATECHETICS) is a pressing need in our Community life. But first we have to determine the number and ages of the children to be involved AND the number of volunteer teachers willing to be of help. A FAITH FORMATION program, even a small one, should be an important PRIORITY for us, beginning in September. Of special import is preparation for FIRST PENANCE, FIRST COMMUNION, and CONFIRMATION.
DO YOU HAVE A YOUNG PERSON (GRADE SCHOOL OR HIGH SCHOOL) TO ENROLL? ARE YOU AVAILABLE AND REASONABLY QUALIFIED TO BE AN INSTRUCTOR? If so, AFTER MASS TODAY, come to the South entrance (vestibule) of the church to sign up. Someone will be there to take your information. This will give us a good idea of numbers, how to proceed, and what we can offer realistically. SIGN UP TODAY. (Second notice)

PRE-PRINTED DONATION ENVELOPES – If you have filled out a census form and have registered with our Community, we have arranged for you to receive your pre-printed donation envelopes in the mail. The envelopes will show your envelope number as well, and a 2 month supply will be mailed to you periodically. Please look for your envelopes this month which will cover the months of July and August. If you do not receive your envelopes, please call 484-1810 or email [email protected].

MEDICAL PERSONNEL ALERT! In the rare event of a medical emergency happening during church services, what should we do? We need to have a plan in place that includes medically-trained persons responding immediately to a person-in distress, while we call 9-1-1 and wait for the ambulance to arrive. To discuss such a plan, we propose to bring together medical personnel (DOCTORS, RN’s, LPN’s, EMT’s, etc.) among us who are willing to be “on call” during Mass. To get prepared, all we need is to arrange a short meeting on a Sunday morning (between Masses?). In this regard, a little communication will go a long way! Are you qualified and willing to be on alert? Jim Holden is coordinating this. Call him at 585-598-2695.

COFFEE HOUR TODAY? You bet! See you there?

(WORDS of PROCESSIONAL HYMN for both Masses:)

               (Melody: St. Anne)

All ye who seek a comfort sure
In trouble and distress,
Whatever sorrows vex the mind,
Or guilt the soul oppress.

Jesus Who gave Himself for you
Upon the Cross to die,
Opens to you His Sacred Heart;
Oh, to that Heart draw nigh.

Ye hear how kindly He invites;
Ye hear His words so blest;
“All ye that labor, come to Me,
And I will give you rest.”

What meeker than the Savior’s Heart?
As on the Cross He lay;
It did His murderers forgive,
And for their pardon pray.

O Heart, Thou joy of Saints on high,
Thou hope of sinners here!
Attracted by those loving words,
To Thee we lift our prayer.

All laud to God the Father be,
All laud to God the Son,
All laud to God the Holy Ghost,
While endless ages run!