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May 17, 2015

TODAY’S HOLY MASSES are offered for these intentions:
9:00AM For Robert Burns, Father + (req. by Family)
11:15 AM For Ciprian Dernier + (req. by Lissette Dernier)

9:00 AM For the Priests of St. Jerome’s Church (req. by the Anderson Family)
11:15 AM Mary Jane Basile and William Basile Sr + (req. by the Basile Family)

TO REQUEST AND SCHEDULE INTENTIONS for both of our Masses, please call 585-484-1810 or email to [email protected]. Leave a message which includes; name of person(s) for whom Mass will be offered; is person living or deceased?; preferred date and time of Mass (9 or 11:15 AM?); and phone number to reach you. The stipend check should be made payable to SAINT KATERI PARISH.


(May 10, 2015)

9:00 AM       Attendance: 222      Offerings: $ 1,690.76
11:15 AM         Attendance: 188      Offerings: $ 1,463.00
          TOTAL                       410                         $ 3,153.76

THANK YOU for your generous offerings. We must join our monetary sacrifices to the sacrifices of our prayers for our Community to flourish in faith, hope, and charity. God bless you!

HOW TO CONTRIBUTE Since our Community here at St. Thomas’ is not a legal entity, we need to have our finances run through the books of St. Kateri Parish. Therefore, checks should be made payable to “St. Kateri Tekakwitha-Latin Mass Community” OR for short, “SKT-LMC”. Contributions can be placed in the blue envelopes OR loose in the collection baskets. Contributions deposited in envelopes from neighboring parishes will be returned to those home parishes and will not be credited to SKT-LMC. SKT-LMC envelopes deposited in neighboring parish collections will be returned and credited to us.

SECOND COLLECTION TODAY for the Diocesan Missions Collection ( Propagation of the Faith).

IF YOU HAVE FOUND A SPIRITUAL HOME in our Latin Mass Community here at St. Thomas’, please consider registering with us. Use the census forms found at the entrance door tables. On the top write in clear letters “LMC”. Place form in the collection basket. Welcome!

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the Women’s Care Center, a crisis pregnancy center located in Charlotte, is excited to host Bishop Salvatore Matano at a fundraising dinner on Thursday, May 28, at the Harro East Ballroom (155 North Chestnut Street).  The evening begins with a social hour (cash bar) at 6 p.m. followed by complimentary dinner at 7 p.m.  There will be an opportunity to make a donation to the Center.  Please make your reservation by contacting 585-544-7604.  Join us for a special Mass offered for the Center at Our Lady of Victory, 210 Pleasant Street, at 5 p.m.

WE DO NEED VOLUNTEERS to help maintain our facilities, especially in the area of church and parish center cleaning. We need YOU! Please email [email protected] or call 467-8747. Enough volunteers will enable us to have rotating teams.

CONGRATULATIONS to Beatriz and Gabriel Barraclough-Tan who received the Sacrament of Confirmation this past week from Bishop Salvatore Matano. May they always be faithful and joyful in their profession of the Catholic Faith.

MATTHEW WALTER, our long-time LMC friend, has “come home” to us. After seven years as a member of the Institute of Christ the King, he has decided to continue his journey to the Priesthood by a different path. We pray for him in this time of transition in his life and we commend him to the prayers and protection of Saint Joseph, to whom Matthew is especially devoted.

NEXT SUNDAY, on the glorious Solemnity / Feast of Pentecost, the 9 AM will be an English Choir Mass and the 11:15 AM will be a Latin High Mass. We are so grateful to John Morabito and all our singers who work hard to make our Masses so musically splendid and uplifting!

THINKING of WRITING A LETTER OF GRATITUDE to Bishop Salvatore Matano for re-activating St. Thomas the Apostle as the home of the St. Kateri Tekakwitha Latin Mass Community? His address is: 1150 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14624. Let your letter be sincere and brief!

COFFEE HOUR TODAY in the Parish Center, after the Community Meeting and after the 11:15 Mass. Will you join us?